Photo Party

How many times do people get dressed for dinner,
and think “let’s do photos?”
A lot.
The problem is “photos” with your smartphone
do not do you justice.
So here is how to solve that…

“For our First Anniversary,
we wanted to do something extra special
to remember our amazing wedding.
… this was more than we ever imagined…

- Melina


Personal. Private. Party.

Those three words.
Sounds like a dream.
Sounds ideal.
Sounds like what you should do…


Photo Party $3000… You and 5 besties

This is THE BEST EXPERIENCE in the area…
Hair, Makeup, Fashion Shoot, Dinner, Group Shoot, Nightclub.
Offered nowhere else.

That’s it… keep reading…


hair makeup and total glamitude

You. At your most amazing.
Complete high fashion hair and makeup.
Can you say “gorgeous?”

Value $900


fashion photo session

Nothing says “fashion magazine” like a Session in our Studio.
Want to make your friends jealous, here is your chance.
Want the most amazing image of you - ever - we can do that!

Value $1789


One of a kind gourmet meal

Pick from select area Chef’s as they serve an off-menu selection that you can only get here!
You name it, you can have it… only here.

Value $600


Fashion Group Photo Session

Dinner is done.
Time for a themed group session.
You like “Friends”? Well, be Friends.
You like “Fast and Furious”… you get the idea…

Value $589


Private nightclub

After dinner and your group photo session you can dance the night away…
We turn the main floor into your very own nightclub… music, lights, fun!
Who doesn’t want a private dance floor?




Professionally Printed Images and Albums are stunning.
Using the best materials and ensuring correct colors are a must.
Whether an 8x10 or a 30x30, there is an indescribable emotion
that framed photos produce. Every. Single. Time.

Never Required. Always available.
You can do it yourself. Or we can help.

Bay Photo - The Best

ZNO - Super Affordable